What Flipd users are saying


Together everyone achieves more. That's what a team does and that's exactly how Flipd helps with its study group feature where we have a target to achieve, ranks, and a goal for the group. It's a perfect mix of everything we need to achieve whatever we want to!


I use the study live timers a lot because I find it encouraging to have all these people studying with me at the same time. It makes me feel less alone and less likely to quit! I also love the college lofi track because it’s mostly just music without words and the uplifting rhythm of the tracks keeps me in a good mood and refreshed while studying!


The feature that I love the most in Flipd is the wellness hub for studying. Music helps me to focus and this feature is really providing what I need for studying. With it I don't need to subscribe to other music platforms in order to play music when I'm studying. There's lots of focus music available in this feature and my ultimate favorite is the live lofi radio.


I love the study live timers. It always shows how many people are studying with me and it's really mind-blowing how productive everyone is. It always motivates me because I see others studying and then of course I feel that need to study too! I also love Flipd friends! Its serves its purpose of healthy competition which motivates me and others to constantly be on the top! Overall, Flipd is amazing and everyone should be using it.


The feature that I probably use the most on Flipd is the live group sessions. I created my own group so I can join in with my followers and friends, and be focused for hours. It gives me the feeling that I'm not alone and that I have someone else by my virtual side living the same moment with me and defeating procrastination, which is extremely hard.

The tag library enables me to make custom tags depending on the things I need to do. It's very useful because I have a lot of subjects and these tags keep me updated on how many hours I’ve spent in studying and how can I properly divide my time to suffice the hours I need to study in every subject that I have.


The custom timers are my favorite! You can set a time goal for whatever activity you do, whether it's working out, studying, classes, time you spend with yourself, or even the time you spend meditating. You can make your own tags and set goals, and it helps if you have a deadline for your work. Overall, I love Flipd. It helps keep me on track!


I love the Study Live timers, because I know that someone, somewhere, is focusing at the same time as me! It gives me some sort of competition to finish my task to not fall behind the people who are in the session with me.


Flipd stats help me analyze myself. On the days I'm not feeling motivated, a look on the Flipd calendar reminds me not to break the streak that I made after so many efforts! Thanks to Flipd my productivity is running smoothly.