Enjoy more time well spent.

Time is precious — Flipd helps you spend it well. Whether to prep for an exam or examine your thoughts, Flipd helps you celebrate all of life's Mindful Moments, big and small. 


Train your brain
To be focused and present

Life is full of distractions — and Flipd teaches you how to refocus your mind. Through research-backed design and a pleasant user experience, Flipd has dozens of ways to categorize and track your time well spent. There's also a library of leading wellness content to keep you motivated, and you'll wonder how you ever got anything done before Flipd. 

The Wellness Hub
30+ therapeutic sounds, mindfulness resources, and more...

Find the motivation that suits you — whether it's a crackling campfire to sleep through the night, a breathing exercise to crack through that essay, or an inspirational podcast about leadership. You'll find it all in Flipd.

85% of Flipd users feel more productive

After using Flipd for just 10 days, most users are more focused on important tasks.
2 out of 3 Flipd users are happier

Out of 1,500 users surveyed, most said their well-being improved since they started using Flipd.
Higher academic and professional success

Our studies have found Flipd users report higher grades and increased productivity at work

Maria @motivatudy

Biomedical Science Student

“I thought I was a productive person, until I started using Flipd and seeing how many times I would reach for my phone and interrupt my train of thought. Thanks to the app, especially Full Lock Mode, I was able to pass all my university exams. For the first time I learned what focus really means.”

Connie @connie.studies

Study Blogger


"Flipd is a fantastic way to focus, study and spend some time on yourself. Using Flipd has not only boosted my concentration, but also my happiness!"

How Flipd Works

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Use your phone to focus

It's a no brainer. Flipd helps you spend less time distracted and more time focused on what matters.

Join Micro-Communities

Flip Off with other members of the community, like a med-school study group or your Psych 101 class.

Library of top audio content

Listen to mindfulness coaching, productivity tips, sleep stories, white noise, and much more.

Categorize your time well spent

Keep track of all of your mindful moments with daily, weekly, and monthly statistics.

*Based on a Flipd Premium Subscription for $29.99 USD per year. Download Flipd for free with limited access to all features. 

Over 1,000,000,000 mindful moments created 🚀

What will you achieve? The sky's the limit, my friend.