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Track your time on tasks ⏰

Choose from customizable task timers for solo or group studying, and keep track of specific goals.

Track breaks

Keep track of your break time and work the way you want.

Live study rooms

Join public study rooms to feel motivated & connected.

Free lofi music

Get into your flow with free background music & sounds.

Celebrate your milestones 🎉

Understand how you're spending your time and feel motivated with features that visualize your progress.

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Tag activities

Organize and manage your tasks by tag and colour.

Historical stats

Keep track of your progress across days, weeks, and months.


Collect badges for every milestone along your productivity journey.

Join a productivity community

Work together in public study rooms and clubs to feel motivated and supported by a positive community. 👋

Friendly competition

Create & join groups to keep track of everyone's progress each week.

Motivational support

Follow your friends and cheer on their progress.

Private study rooms

Join private study rooms with other group members.

How Flipd supports productive people

From medical students to creative professionals, Flipd is thoughtfully designed to help you get more done, achieve your goals, and feel good doing it. ✨

medical student

Flipd has been a great way for me to stay accountable.  In a time where staying on task and maximizing my time is crucial, as a medical student, being able to set custom timers ensures that I use my time wisely, but also make sure I don't burnout.  I schedule time to study, exercise, and even meditate!


I use the study live timers for when I'm lacking motivation to study. Seeing 10,000 others studying with me makes my work flow much faster. The tag library is also really useful when it comes to tracking the different lectures I watch at home. I use it for creating custom tags for library study sessions and for organizing all of my mostly used hashtags and trackers.


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