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Flipd nudges you to spend time off your phone. Be present, stay focused, and connect to what matters with Flipd. 

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Find the joy in missing out

Research shows that spending less time on screens is better for your mental wellbeing. Flipd helps you reclaim your time to focus on things that make you happy, productive, and present. 

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Make going offline social

Flipd lets you connect with communities to spend time unplugged with friends. It's the best way to disconnect without feeling disconnected.

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Stay motivated to get things done 

Stay off of your phone and make the most out of your time. Social media, games, and other distractions will always drag you down — but Flipd is here to pick you right up.




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Happy People ♥ Flipd


Blogger — Tiny Focus With Britt
"I love Flipd because it gives me permission to spend time off my phone. That's time I can use to create things and connect with the world around me."


Camyduts Study
"Less phone time = more efficiency. That’s how I get away with medschool! I used to pick up my phone every 10 minutes, which was a really bad habit. But now with Flipd I'm more focused and motivated, and Flipd really helps me to reach a healthier daily life."


Strategy Manager
"Flipd has really helped me improve my concentration and become more aware of my phone use. In a world of increasing interruptions, notifications, and distractions, Flipd has provided a powerful solution to address the problem. The time I've saved by using Flipd to do uninterrupted, high-quality work is immeasurable."


Study With Hayley
"Flipd has helped me not only increase my productivity with school and work, but it's also helped me spend time off of social media. Before Flipd, I had difficulties sitting down and getting work done. Now, I can be accountable and successful."
How Flipd Works

Use your phone to disconnect

Flipd helps you spend less time distracted and more time focused on what matters.

Lock your phone 

With the Light or Full Lock modes, stay off your phone to stay on task.

Categorize your time

Wondering where your time went? Categorize your sessions to keep track. 

Create schedules that fit with yours

Make Flipd a habit. Create multiple schedules for your unique lifestyle.

Join Community Groups

Flip Off with other members in the Flipd community. #NoFOMO

Join Flipd groups for school

Learn more about how educators are using Flipd and helping students unplug.

Empower your team through work life balance

We created Workwell™, a blended learning program that inspires and motivates your team to celebrate meaningful time spent away from work.