Work life balance makes successful teams Workwell

Burning out your staff is the number one reason your best people leave. That's why finding and retaining an awesome team means supporting their work life balance. A key indicator of employee well-being and happiness for the modern workforce, work life balance is now recognized as the #1 priority when millennials evaluate new job opportunities.*

Workwell is the world's first blended learning program designed to motivate your team to achieve better work life balance, fostering healthier, more resilient staff and a workplace culture where great people want to be.

*Deloitte 2016 Millennial Survey — Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders

Become a leader in

working well 💪

Become a leader in working well 💪

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Your employees have lives outside of work — celebrate it 🎉

With side hustles, hobbies, families, and friends, your people are made better for the wonderful ways they spend their time when they're not working. Yet, most modern workers don't believe their employers value their lives outside of work.*

The burnout mindset is a misalignment that will cost your company invaluable talent and resources. With Workwell, our expert and in-person coaches will help teams embrace, encourage, and celebrate meaningful time spent away from work. 

*Deloitte 2015 — Hyper-Connectivity Inhibits Work-Life Balance

Inspire action with a proactive approach to work life balance

Used by over 500,000 people around the world, the Flipd app has been nudging users toward achieving better life balance since 2016.

A habit tracker, motivational tool, and community and wellness resource all wrapped into one effective platform, Flipd levels up the Workwell program by making work life balance achievable. 

WIRED — The Psychology of Flipd, the Digital Detox App

84% of participants feel more productive

Work life balance is achievable with the right tools. After using Flipd for just 10 days, 84% of users were more productive and focused on important tasks. 

2 out of 3 participants are happier

Out of 1,500 users surveyed, 66% said their well-being improved since they started using Flipd, and 9 out of 10 professionals are satisfied with their Flipd experience.

Higher organizational commitment

Our study with organizational researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that happier Flipd users were significantly more committed to their organizations.

Work smarter, not harder 💡

Creative thinking flourishes when you have the time to think. Tell me more

Andy Liu

Manager, Info-Tech Research 

"Flipd has really helped me improve my concentration and become more aware of my phone use. In a world of increasing interruptions, notifications, and distractions, Flipd has provided a powerful solution to address the problem. The time I've saved by using Flipd to do uninterrupted, high-quality work is immeasurable."

Ali Asaria

CEO, Tulip Retail

"We were surprised how many staff gave positive feedback about disconnecting. In general, employees felt like having a reason to disconnect resulted in tons of unexpected benefits for their happiness and family life. They used their time away mostly to spend more time with loved ones or to peacefully do chores. They felt like they were more productive at work after having time to clear their heads in the evenings."

How we do it

Blending real-world strategies with user-friendly solutions

Expert on-site programs & coaching

Our coaches have been through the grind. They're entrepreneurs, founders, and investors — people who understand the challenges of work life balance.

Cash incentives and rewards

We'll send your team gift cards and perks from our partners, helping you boost program engagement, retention, and accountability. 

Company-wide access to Flipd

The Flipd app supports on-site programs by turning learning into action. Use it to reward behavior, learn how to better support your employees, and celebrate time well spent.

Weekly wellness report

Dashboard fatigue? Us too. That's why we simply send one email report each week that provides a clear picture of how your employees are engaging with Workwell.

Calling all fast-growing companies 🚀

Like great athletes, your employees need rest and recovery. Learn how Workwell can strengthen your company culture by signing up today. Tell me more