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Flipd is a motivating and helpful tool that keeps you focused and on task when it really matters.

It's time to Flip Off with Flipd.

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Educational Institutions Using Flipd

California State University University of Colorado - Boulder University of Florida Pennsylvania State University Vanderbilt University

Before class begins, Flipd will gently nudge you with a reminder to Flip Off for class. Flipd then measures your successful time spent unplugged throughout the semester, and you can get rewarded for it.

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch. Easy-to-use mobile app

    Download Flipd on your smartphone and use it for tracking your engagement during class.

  • presentation Created with Sketch. Join multiple classes

    A unique class code lets you join an unlimited number of classes using Flipd.

  • calendar Created with Sketch. Scheduled reminders

    Flipd sends a scheduled reminder to you when it's time for class, notifying you to unplug for the lecture.

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch. Measure your progress over time

    As the semester moves along, keep track of your progress and activity through your Flipd Stats and Leaderboard.

  • Shape Created with Sketch. Get rewarded

    Use Flipd regularly to earn better grades, increase  your academic performance, and grow your skills.

  • Combined Shape Created with Sketch. Boost productivity at home

    Custom features help you focus and unplug outside of the classroom, too. With Flipd, we got you covered.

Not convinced? See for yourself :

"I had a hard time paying attention in class or when I was studying because I would check my phone every time I got bored, and I would end up tuning-out an entire lecture. Now in my junior year, I’ve started using Flipd for the first time and it has made me so much more productive! As soon as I unlock my phone, I’m reminded to put my phone away and focus on the task at hand. I’ve even started checking my phone less and less as I’ve continued to use Flipd."

— Student, Penn State University
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