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Challenge your students to unplug with Flipd — the #1 Digital Wellness solution. With a classroom Leaderboard, Daily Goals, and motivational Reminders, Flipd is a fun and healthy way to encourage less screentime. 

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Unplug From Phones

Flipd encourages students to unplug in a fun and positive way — making it easy to practice mindfulness every day.

Classroom Leaderboard

The Leaderboard motivates students to develop a positive tech mindset and some healthy competition among peers.

Curated Wellness Content

The Wellness Hub provides students with a library of mindfulness tracks, meditation, motivation, sleep, and more.

Challenge Students to Unplug with Flipd

Feeling competitive? Put your class to the test and see who can spend the most time unplugged. Earn bragging rights by achieving the most Mindful Minutes!


Increase Happiness

We surveyed 1,500 Flipd users and found that 2 in 3 noticed well-being improvements since they started using Flipd.

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More Collaboration

Educators consistently report their Flipd classes have higher engagement, participation, and collaboration.

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Foster Productivity

After using Flipd for just 10 days, 85% of Flipd users are more productive and focused on important tasks. 

Over 1,000,000,000 mindful moments created 🚀

Get your students to contribute to over 1,900 years worth of time well spent!

User Testimonials 

From top Flipd students themselves 👇

"Thanks to Flipd, I was able to pass all my university exams. For the first time I learned what focus really means.”"

— Maria @motivatudy
Biomedical Science Student & Blogger


"Flipd is a fantastic way to focus, study and spend some time on yourself. Using Flipd has boosted my concentration and happiness!"

— Connie @connie.studies
High School Student & Study Blogger

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