If you have time, you're productive.

Time is precious — Flipd helps you spend it well. Whether to prep for an exam or examine your thoughts, Flipd helps you celebrate all of life's mindful moments, big and small. 


Train your brain to be focused and present

Life is full of distractions, and Flipd teaches you how to refocus your mind. Through research backed design and a pleasant user experience, Flipd has dozens of ways to keep you focused and on track to reach your goals. You'll wonder how you ever got anything done before Flipd. 💪

Listen to soothing beats

With dozens of music tracks for focus, sleep, relaxing, or breathing, and more, Flipd offers curated motivation just for you. Whether it's a crackling campfire to sleep through the night or lofi beats to crack through that essay, you'll find it all inside Flipd.

How does Flipd work?

Download Flipd completely free, or try the premium experience for less than $3* per month.

Use your phone to focus

It's a no brainer. Flipd helps you spend less time distracted and more time focused on what matters.

Join global communities & challenges

Focus with other members of the community, like a med school study group or your Psych 100 class.

Library of top audio content

Listen to focus music, lofi radio tracks, mindfulness meditations, sleep stories, and more.

Categorize your time well spent

Neatly categorize and track of all of your productive activities with daily, weekly, and monthly statistics.

*Based on a Flipd Premium Subscription for $34.99 USD per year. Pricing may vary by location. Student pricing available. 

Over 1 billion mindful minutes tracked

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