Nudge your employees to spend time offline.

We all spend too much time in front of our screens. Flipd for Work is a platform designed to motivate your team to disconnect from technology, helping them live happier, more productive, and more connected lives. 

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Tech-Life Balance


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Flipd Nudges Behavior

Like a Fitbit for your screentime, Flipd motivates you to step away from your phone and focus on things that make you happy — like spending quality time with loved ones or focusing on a hobby. 


Smart Reminders

Flipd notifies you when it's time to disconnect from your phone.


Set It Down

Flipd gives you confidence to step away from technology.


Find Balance

Flipd suggests ways to explore more unplugged moments.

Happy People ♥ Flipd

Just a few of the great things our community has to say about Flipd. 

Ali Asaria

Ali Asaria, CEO Tulip

"We were surprised how many staff gave positive feedback about disconnecting. In general, employees felt like having a reason to disconnect resulted in tons of unexpected benefits for their happiness and family life."


Hayley, Flipd influencer

"Flipd has helped me not only increase my productivity with work, but it's also helped me spend time off of social media. Before Flipd, I had difficulties sitting down and focusing. Now, I can be accountable and successful."

Andy Flipd

Andy, Strategy Manager

"Flipd has really helped me improve my concentration and become more aware of my phone use. In a world of increasing interruptions, notifications, and distractions, Flipd has provided a powerful solution to address the problem. The time I've saved by using Flipd to do uninterrupted, high-quality work is immeasurable."


Britt, Blogger

I love Flipd because it gives me permission to spend time off my phone. That's time I can use to create things and connect with the world around me.

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