Keep your students focused with Flipd

Learning is hard — distractions make it impossible. That's why even the most engaging instructors turn to Flipd to reduce cell phone distractions in class. With Flipd, students are motivated to stay focused and on task, creating deeper learning experiences, a more collaborative environment, and a highly engaged audience.



Reduce phone distractions in a positive way

The most innovative educators know that phones distract from learning. Instead of policing phone use, Flipd leverages phones to nudge students away from their distractions, enhancing engagement and participation, and creating a positive learning environment for everyone.

*Dr. Lorenz Neuwirth (pictured) says Flipd increases attendance in his classes. Read more from his interview with the Washington Post.

Powerful insights promote student success

Flipd helps you identify potential problems, like which students are struggling with their attention or if one lecture was less engaging than another. Turn these insights into teaching opportunities to maximize student potential.

*See what students have to say about Flipd


84% of Flipd users feel more productive

After using Flipd for just 10 days, most users were more productive and focused on tasks.

happiness (1)

2 out of 3 users feel happier since joining

Out of 1,500 users surveyed, 66% found their well-being and happiness improved after they started using Flipd.


Higher attendance and engagement

Our customers consistently report their Flipd classes are more attended and engaged.

Dribbble Shot+ Access The Flipd Wellness Hub

Flipd strengthens focus outside of class too. The Wellness Hub is a library with over 50 focus sounds, meditations, motivational podcasts, sleep stories, and more, giving students the tools they need to deal with stress, anxiety, and productivity. 🎧

Kivanc Avrenli

Professor of Statistics, Syracuse U


"Flipd is a genius app that’s effectively reducing distractions. My students know it’s good for them, and the biggest benefit is that they discover they can survive without their phones." 

*Awarded Outstanding Professor at Syracuse University over 5 consecutive semesters. Read about his Flipd experience.

Dr. Alicia Drais-Parrillo

Psychology Professor, PSU

Copy of AliciaParillo-1-960046-edited.png

"I think Flipd is a really good learning opportunity for these kids. I tell my students that it's going to help them, and that it's a really good thing we can all benefit from." 

*Read about her Flipd experience: How Flipd Nudges Behavior — A Chat With Psychology Professor Dr. Alicia Drais-Parrillo

How Flipd works

Help students stay focused

The Flipd app nudges students to remain focused while they learn and measures this behavior over time.

Export the data for evaluations

Rewarding your class with extra credit or using the data for research? Easily and securely export data to CSV.

Keep track with your personalized dashboard

Educators can measure data from the app and see student activity reports on the secure online dashboard.

Take attendance, send messages, and more

Explore all of our features designed to enhance student engagement, participation, and well-being all year long.

Join over 15,000 students and teachers

Find out how Flipd is changing the classroom experience for the better — through less tech and a lot more talk.