Learning is a human experience.

Phones can get in the way of learning and make it difficult for undergraduate students to develop deep connections in your course. Instructors use Flipd to prioritize a human learning experience and help them succeed.


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We help you design a learning experience that’s truly human.


Human connection is real engagement. Flipd will encourage your students to put their phones away and connect with your lecture.


By breaking down the digital distraction barrier, students feel more at ease to participate in your course.


Flipd helps you prioritize in-person interactions by ensuring students are mentally and physically present to learn.


With Flipd, students will develop skills they’ll carry through their academic, personal, and professional careers.


 Our approach. 

Take phones out of the picture

You spend time finding the perfect GIFs for your slides and prepping engaging lecture activities, so why does it feel like something’s not working? Blame smartphones.

As mobile distractions in the college classroom have increased, you may have noticed a change in engagement, attendance, and professionalism. With Flipd, you can finally do something about it.

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Make attendance a top priority

The first few minutes of class are critical to the ebb and flow of student learning — like arriving on time and ready to learn.

Using Flipd Attendance will grab their attention and focus their minds on the content as class is starting. Instructors use attendance codes in the form of a challenging question, a chapter theme, or word of the day to prompt students to think aloud and collaborate. Plus, you can easily track trends like lateness and absenteeism.

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Show them you care

Instructors have the unique opportunity to help students develop soft skills they'll carry through their lives. With Flipd, you’re providing them with a resource to improve focus, professionalism, mindfulness, and even sleep.

For added value outside of class, Flipd offers audio tracks for meditation, music for studying and relaxation, and motivational podcasts to help them succeed.

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Keep track of everything

Obsessed with data? Our user friendly dashboard will become your favorite bookmark. It shows you only the information you want to see — like your class overview, color-coded attendance reports, easy-to-read engagement trends, and even a lateness tracker.

From there, quickly and securely export everything you need to a CSV.

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