Learning isn't easy. Distractions make it impossible. 

You're engaging and passionate about what you teach, but you've noticed more and more students getting distracted by their phones when they should be learning.

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Flipd helps you leverage technology to keep students engaged, but not distracted.

Nudge students to focus during your lesson

Engaged students make the learning experience better for everyone. Flipd keeps learners engaged by discouraging them from getting distracted by their phones while you're teaching.

Help students succeed

Students using Flipd perform better academically. Give students access to a tool they need to improve and succeed at school. 

More benefits:

  • Save class time with Flipd Attendance
  • Send announcements and know who's seen them
  • Send after-class polls

Customer Testimonials

"Flipd is a genius app that’s effectively reducing distractions. My students know it’s good for them, and the biggest benefit is that they discover they can survive without their phones."

Professor Kivanç Avrenli, Awarded "Outstanding" Professor at Syracuse University over 5 consecutive semesters 

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